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. You have so many great qualities and physical attributes that no one can take away from you

. STOP comparing yourself to other people you born to be different.

. The best way to build your self-esteem is to act the way that a confident person would act your feelings will catch up with your actions.

. You are good enough. Even if you’ve messed up, you just need to look at it as a chance to learn something new.

. Instead of focusing on your shortcomings think about the positive qualities skills that you have It all goes back to becoming more confident.

. When you feel jealousy taking over be nice instead of being sneaky or trying to undermine the other person. Instead, congratulate and be happy to them.

.  Jealousy causes you to react to a fantasy scenario that’s all in your mind. In reality, the bad things that you’re imagining may never happen at all.

. Believe that you are good enough and unique enough. When you do that, it may help you calm down and relax. If you have high level jealousy and can’t take it anymore, take a deep breath and think a good thought.

And finally Tell yourself the truth. You may have to admit that the person who get the attention maybe did better than you. and it is ok just learn from your mistakes and start doing better. You’ll have the next attention in the hand.

that is all I have in my mind :)

love U don’t be easy be strong and beautiful

Stay positive


Queen Bee  


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Thought via Path

‏جرب ان تربط شيئا تتمناه بالأستغفار
و تنوي بأنه يتحقق لك وكن على ثقة
بأن الله لن يردك خائبا #ثقي_بربك – Read on Path.

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Thought via Path

‏الحب هو : أن تعطي من تحب صلاحية تدميرك
ولكن في نفس الوقت تثق بأنه لن يفعلها💁 – Read on Path.

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Thought via Path

‏من يظن ان التجاهّل يجذِبني إليہّ لاَ يعلَم ان التجاهل هُو الذيٌ اخرجَ الكَثيرين مَنّ حَياتي 💁 – Read on Path.